FP2 supports preserving pavements via the RIGHT treatment to the RIGHT pavement at the RIGHT time

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As cash-strapped road agencies look for ways to optimize their limited dollars, many are taking a much closer look at the practice of pavement preservation and recycling.

Pavement preservation techniques include nonstructural preventive maintenance surface treatments such as slurry surfacings, crack sealing, chip sealing, micro surfacing, rejuvenation, hot and cold in-place recycling and thin-lift hot-mix asphalt paving; and preservation techniques used in concrete pavement restoration.

Pavement preservation methods prolong pavement life, avoiding high future costs of reconstruction or rehabilitation through the expenditure of lesser amounts of money at critical points in a pavement’s life. Pavement preservation pays off in both the short and long term. Experience shows that spending a dollar on pavement preservation can eliminate or delay spending $6 to $10 on future rehabilitation or reconstruction costs.

We at FP2 Inc. support the adoption of pavement preservation at all levels of government, and work to ensure pavement preservation and recycling becomes a part of road programs from coast-to-coast. We invite you to browse these pages to learn more about pavement preservation, and view our quarterly magazine, Pavement Preservation Journal.​