New ‘Virtual’ NPPC21 offers Free Registration

The National Pavement Preservation Conference (NPPC21) scheduled this spring for Indianapolis has been changed to a virtual online event, and will be held May 17-21, 2021, at no charge to participants.

The change to a virtual event was determined after a national survey of state and provincial agencies regarding travel restrictions during Spring 2021. That survey showed that only a handful of agencies were likely to approve travel to a face-to-face meeting in the spring. Therefore, there will be no registration fee, to encourage as many state and local agency participants as possible.

The virtual format has been successful with pavement preservation. The regional TSP•2 Pavement Preservation Partnerships held a very successful series of webinars in 2020 and enjoyed two big benefits of the virtual environment in that state participation was much greater than at in-person meetings, and local agency participation was also much higher.

While we miss the networking opportunities of a face-to-face meeting, we are building on these two benefits of virtual meetings in planning the virtual NPPC.  There will be no charge to attend any or all the sessions, encouraging larger participations from state, provincial and local governments.

The theme remains Pavement Preservation:  Making the Right Choices.

The virtual conference will consist of nine webinars, with two webinars per day Monday through Thursday, and one morning session on Friday. Morning sessions will begin at 11 am EDT to accommodate all continental U.S. time zones.

Afternoon sessions begin at 2:30 pm EDT.  Sessions will last 120 to 135 minutes. Continuing education units will be provided to attendees of each webinar session. Sessions may include up to two case studies of five minutes each related to the session content by conference sponsors.

For more information, or to register, please visit