• Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Oct. 11, 2012 – Submit entries now for the 2013 James B. Sorenson Award for Excellence in Pavement Preservation, sponsored by FP2 Inc. Deadline for the 2013 award submittals is June 30, 2013.

Bexar County, Tex., and the Tennessee Department of Transportation were honored for their pavement preservation programs with the Sorenson award during the National Pavement Preservation Conference in Nashville Aug. 27-30, 2012. The Bexar County Public Works Department was honored with the Sorenson Award for 2012, and Tennessee DOT for 2011.

Intended to recognize agency pavement preservation, the Sorenson award is usually, but not always, presented to city and county agencies.

Criteria used to evaluate candidate agencies include: process used to gain acceptance by elected officials, general public, employees, and industry (40 percent); how well the program relates to the theme of The Right Treatment, for the Right Road, at the Right Time (20 percent); tangible improvement in their system (20 percent); techniques used to keep public notified of what is being done and why (10 percent); and uniqueness of program (10 percent).

To nominate an agency, please include a brief write-up of how the agency gained acceptance and support for its pavement preservation program; how long the program has been in existence, any special or unique public awareness actions; press releases; the contact person in the agency; and the person or firm making the nomination.

For more information, or to submit nominations, please contact FP2’s executive director, Jim Moulthrop, at 8100 West Court, Austin, Tex., 78759, voice 512.977.1854, e-mail at jimmoulthrop@gmail.com.

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